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Unsolicited Comments & Testimonials from Past Travelers
From: Richard Guiterrez,
"Just wanted you to know that Candy and I had a great time.  I did too as there was something new everyday, so even for the “non-fabric” person, it was a great trip.  I enjoyed it and it was well organized.  Thank you to you and your staff on the ground....we continue to tell people about your tour.  Bali Tour
From: Carol Chapman Britt,
"This was the most fantastic trip of my life. So many special memories and I get such a calmness when I think of it. I hope to go again."  Bali Tour
From: Batiks Etcetera and Sew What Fabrics
"I can't say enough good things about this tour. Bali is gorgeous and the people are beautiful. It was such an honor to see how our batiks are made and all the steps involved. I highly recommend this trip." Bali Tour
From: Karen Fitzpatrick,
"Bali is unbelievable.  This is absolutely the best trip I have ever been on in my life. I love the people, the food and, well, of course the fabrics. The entire trip has just been perfect. I never want to leave." Bali Tour
From: Ruth Monaco, NY
"Wanted to say a great big Texas THANK YOU for what I will remember as my "perfect" trip to the International Quilt Festival...I just totally enjoyed the whole trip experience, the new friends and sights and look forward to more travels, wherever they might be."
From: Xenia Cord, IN
"Take a trip with Deb Roberts...and it will change your life."  October, 2014
From: Diana Kirkpatrick, CA
"I want to thank you for the International Quilt Festival tour to Houston. Lydia and I had such a terrific time and met some really great ladies/new friends who participated in our tour.  Lydia and I would love to be included in the same tour next year.  Since we've been home, I have been talking with other people in our quilt guild about our trip and some of them have also expressed a desire to participate in the tour next year."  November, 2013
From: June Lawson, Australia
"It (the 2013 France tour) certainly was beyond all expectations - easy, well structured, educational plus personal time to enjoy other aspects of France, eg Alsace Lorraine I had missed on other private visits. The accommodation was beyond reproach and the tour guide assisting the group effortlessly with our transfers between each location.  Of course the opportunity to catch up with some shopping for fabric did not hurt!!! Your tour's worth a triple A rating.
From: Flora Frick, California
"I have been so inspired by our quilt tour.  It was a wonderful experience for me on so many levels.  I feel enriched and grateful." June, 3013
From: Gretchen Bolar, California
"This trip was the 2nd best decision I've made in my life....the first was marrying my husband."  Bali, May, 2013
From: Luanne Lipkin, MA
"Best Tour Group I've ever been on. Bali was life changing. And talk about Batik and inspiration for quilting! Just fabulous".  May, 2013
From: Pat Brink, IA
"I had so much fun!  I will definitely be cruising again with you next year!  I hope I can go on the Panama cruise, it sounds wonderful."  Caribbean Cruise, 2013
From: Marilyn
"We had such a good time on the Hawaii trip Deb.  Thank you so much for putting such a good cruise together for us.  It was great having Ingrid there to help with the machines and the classes were so much fun.  I can't wait to get to go again."  Hawaii Cruise, 2012
From: Beth Reno in Illinois
"Thank you for another wonderful trip with extraordinary experiences.  I am still filled with awe.  Hope to travel with you again."  Med cruise, 2012.
From: Cathy Crawford, NM
"My first quilt cruise was with another company and I almost had decided not to do another when I was asked me to share a cabin on your Hawaii cruise (Feb. 2012).   Am I SO glad I went!!  What a great time we had, I can't believe we got all that quilting done and saw Hawaii too!   I do not know how you keep on top of all the things going on - you did a great job.  I will be traveling with you again one day soon."
From: Judy
"I had such a lovely time on the Baltic cruise (2011), thank you so much for all of your help with my questions  beforehand, I appreciate your patience.   I also want to say that I enjoyed meeting Yvonne and also thought the cruise projects were perfect. I liked having the free time to explore the ports as I wished."
From: Eleanor (who asked her last name be confidential)
"In my search for a high quality, affordable, and small group size quilting related travel experience I came across Deb Roberts. I have traveled with other quilting tour companies before and was looking for a different experience. I was looking for a smaller group size with a hands on tour company. I found this AND MORE with Deb. The personalized and friendly help was outstanding! The trip was well planned - offering people on the tour maximum time to enjoy the cultural experience and not worry about where to stay or driving directions. She had quality guides/drivers in Bali who made the trip full of special memories! Deb and her tour company are definitely the way to go if you are looking for a personalized, exceptional, and outstanding travel experience!!"  BALI - 2010
From: someone who wants to remain anonymous
"Deb, I can't thank you enough for the great cruise around the British Isles.  I wish it would have never ended.  I appreciate so much your personal touches, your patience with the various issues and your willingness to continually go the extra mile to keep everyone happy.  I have been on six other quilt cruises, this was my first with you.  Can honestly say yours was the best.  THANKS AGAIN ".  2010
From: Ruth Mendel
"I was a member of Deb Roberts'  Bali group. Because Deb deliberately limits the group size we had the opportunity to have a warm and intimate experience- something I have found rare in tours. I was traveling alone and didn’t expect to bond strongly with the other travelers. But that’s the beauty of Deb’s carefully crafted trips. They appeal to specific interests and everyone already has a lot to share. It makes for a lively and fun group and you never are on your own if you don’t want to be. Deb made it possible for us to see several batik and weaving operations and craftsmen working up close. Her selection of these places was varied and of the highest quality. Both she and the Balinese tour guide that accompanied us, patiently and thoroughly answered our endless questions. As even more specific interests within the group were discovered, she tailored the day’s activities to embrace them fluidly. I expected to enjoy the batiks but was thrilled with my entire experience of Bali. It is a magical place filled with welcoming, lovely people and visual inspiration everywhere you look. The Bali trip was a very special experience for me and I can't thank Deb enough for planning it so perfectly. ".  BALI 2010
From: Mary Beth Schroder, CA
"Dear Deb, I have traveled with several 'quilt tour' companies over the years and thought my quilt traveling days were over....always the same old thing, same old groups.  Then, I stumbled upon one of your tours and it sure opened my eyes to what travel should be like!  Your first class service and extras were nothing like I have ever experienced; and I think I have given everyone out there a shot at my business.  What fun you have provided, and at a great price.  You can always count on me for more.  Thank you so much, MB
From: Pat (Patty) Holly, MI
"My husband and I were excited to join Deb Roberts’ Chintz & Christmas Market tour in December 2008. The trip was everything promised and even more. I have traveled on several tours before this one and have to say Deb’s was one of the best. From her selection of places to visit to little travel details, everything was top notch. As a quilter, it was amazing to see the special exhibits and behind the scenes of the many museums on the tour. As a non-quilter, my husband was able to keep himself entertained with other attractions in the various cities. He discovered a grand train museum in Mulhouse, France – a highlight for him! I was completely thrilled with the Museum of Printed Textiles in the same city. Our schedule was well thought out with adequate free time. The accommodations were lovely and help was cheerfully given if needed for meal suggestions, transportation or ideas for things to do. I eagerly await an opportunity to join one of Deb’s tours in the future – and I think that is the best thing I can say about my experience!"
From: Mary Mashuta, CA
"What fun to take a tour where all the other folks are interested in the same things you are! No side trips to car museums or sport meccas." 
From: Roberta Horton, CA
"I have always arranged my own trips and make them as fabric/quilt oriented as possible. What a treat to have someone else do all the work to create a wonderful textile tour. My only job was to sit back and enjoy
From: Nancy Lesko, AZ
"I happened upon the Textile Tours website during a search for a quilting cruise.  When I subsequently signed up for, and participated in, this particular “quilting cruise,” I was pleased with the extensive planning Deb Roberts had done when organizing our on-and off-ship experiences….off-ship we visited museums that delved into the history of textile production in several parts of the Mediterranean, and on-ship we learned an old French method of quilting (boutis) from a French quilting instructor who accompanied us on the cruise and side-trips.  I came away with an education about the production of textiles I had not expected, and an experience that has given me a new appreciation of my modern quilting fabrics.  Plus, there were plenty of cruise stops that allowed us time to visit off-shore on our own, at our own pace.  I look forward to joining a Deb Roberts tour at a future time, perhaps to Bali, or in the UK.  I know now that it will be a very special experience." 
From: A lady in Arizona who gives permission to post, but wishes to remain anonymous
"I did not know what to expect when we all met up in Barcelona but it was so nice that we could "join-in" with your group.  The professionalism you showed in the arrangements and additional tours was different from any other quilt cruise I have taken and yet I felt so special as if you had done it all just for me.  You went well beyond what was necessary to include everyone in all of your activities even though we originally had signed on to this cruise through someone who hitched a ride with your group.  I had the best time.  If you do not mind please put me on your mailing list, thank you so much Deb I enjoyed every minute of it."
From: Phyllis deVries, OR
"The textile study trip to France was one of those travel experiences that holds some treasured memories for me.  Deb Roberts' tour was very well organized and had some additional surprise events that made the experience very rich.  I loved being able to see some textiles that I never would have seen had I been traveling alone, and this included some special archives.  This opportunity, in itself, made the trip worthy and invaluable.  It was important to be able to visualize these designs in the cultural and historical context in which they had been created.  Our tour guide, provided us with the history of each area as well as anecdotes along the way, and this added another dimension to the entire experience that I had not anticipated, but found worthy and delightful. 

One of the highlights was being able to meet and learn from Kathryn Berenson, a truly knowledgeable and expert textile historian.  Last, but not least, I met some wonderful women along the way, some that I have maintained contact with and will visit in the years to come.  I definitely would partake in one of these tours again.   I believe it was time and money well invested."
From: Dawn Hunt,  Canada
"A tremendous opportunity of a lifetime!  I was treated to the superbly organized  Vintage Textile Tour of France tour that gave me the opportunity to see first hand many of the textile and quilting treasures of France that would not normally be accessible to a lone traveler.  The camaraderie of sharing this experience with 36 other textile and quilt enthusiasts from North America and the South Pacific certainly added to my overall enjoyment of the trip.  Without reservation, I have and will continue to recommend this trip and other trips offered by Deb Roberts to anyone interested in the European influences on our North American quilting heritage."
From: Xenia Cord, president American Quilt Study Group, IN 

"I went on this trip (France) last summer, and it was **wonderful**!  We stayed in very nice hotels, had a luxury coach for travel, with room to spread out, and were personally escorted by a French guide who was the most delightful and diversely educated young man.  At each of the sites we visited we were treated like visiting experts and were given informative lectures and guided tours of the exhibits, and also time to linger on our own.

And there was shopping, for those who never have enough fabric!  We had great "show & tell" sessions in the evenings, and managed to pass around a surprise signature quilt top made of French fabrics, which we gave to tour creator Deb Roberts on the last evening.  I would encourage any BQHL member with an interest in antique fabrics and fabric production to consider this tour - I guarantee it will be unlike any other you have taken."  

From: Beverly Dunivent
"Thank you Deb for all you have done to organize this incredible trip.  I did not know what to expect, but I have been completely overwhelmed.  I appreciate so much the extra touches you provided and your special care toward each of us.  I did not think I would ever have an opportunity to travel like this. It was my first time out of the country, and I cannot wait to go with you again."
From: Dawn Heefner,
"The trip provided me with an invaluable wealth of knowledge for my work in quilt history and appraisals. Organized well - structured enough to keep us all busy and learning, yet flexible enough to change when special needs and interests arose. It was fabulous beyond my expectations. It was a perspective-altering experience. I see fabric, history, and culture in a new light - not just Anglo-American, but European-American.

Personally, there isn't a day goes by in which I don't remember some experience - the rich history, the fabric techniques, the sights, the food, and most of all, my fellow travelers, as well as the people. It's worth taking more than once."

From: Vivien Sayre,  MA
"The two weeks on Deb's tour have been worth more than 100 times the price in terms of what it has contributed to my study of and knowledge of quiltmaking in other countries as well as quilt and textile history….I didn’t want to leave and I cannot wait to go back. The inspirations for quiltmaking are endless." 




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