Road to California Cruise Projects

We've an exceptional variety of teachers for our Road to California Cruise - our array of talent is from around the world and the projects are perfect for our 10 days together.



In 1976, Marie-Christine Flocard discovered patchwork when temporarily living in Berkeley, California, her first teacher was Roberta Horton. Once she returned to France she began working at the Paris quilt shop called Le Rouvray, teaching and organizing all the workshops. She was the European liaison to the European Quilt Expo for several years and continues to work with Quilts Inc. at the Houston events, designing and preparing the layouts of different exhibits.


Now living in the South of France, near Montpellier,  she specializes in the history of Toiles (French Fabric) and in quilting/patchwork technique known as Boutis Provençal.  This ancient technique which arrived in France during the 16th century came from Sicily and for many decades quilts with this technique were created in atelier workshops throughout the area.


Marie-Christine has been considered an expert in the technique of Boutis and has taught internationally, including the United States, Australia and Canada.  She is a liason with the Maison du Boutis in France.  During her workshops you will learn this very specialist technique as you work on a selection of small projects.  You will also learn about the history of Boutis.  Her classes are fun and informative and extremely well received.

Marie-Christine's classes are perfect for this area, as this style of quilting was very popular all over Europe in the 19th century.  In each class you will learn to work with the designs, trace, stitch, cord and stuff.


Questions about a class? Please email Marie Christine at .





Boutis Needle Case (2 - 3 hour evening workshops)


Boutis is a 19th century French word.  In Provence, they used it to refer to the corded or quilted needlework technique for making bedcovers and infant pieces.  Also called Broderie de Marseilles, it consists of joining two pieces of fabric together with stitches.   One begins by tracing the outline of the motif, basting the two fabrics and then stitch the designs with running or back stitches.   Then, the motifs are stuffed and corded.

In this workshops the students will learn the basics of quilting 'boutis' style and finish this small quilted boutis stitched needle case.  You will learn the traditional techniques of tracing the pattern, stitching and stuffing the cording the fabric.

Kit: $10

Please bring boutis/trapunto needles available at your quilt shop or





Boutis Petassoun  - 2 day class

Boutis is a 19th century French word.  In Provence, they used it to refer to the corded or quilted needlework technique for making bedcovers and infant pieces.  Also called Broderie de Marseilles, it consists of joining two pieces of fabric together with stitches.   One begins by tracing the outline of the motif, basting the two fabrics and then stitch the designs with running or back stitches.   Then, the motifs are stuffed and corded.

In Provence, a petassoun (infant lap piece) was often presented to the mother as a welcoming gift for the baby.  In class, we will make this petassoun which you can finish as a small quilt or, use it as a medallion for a larger piece surrounded by various borders.


In class you will learn how to prepare the project, tracing the pattern from a document, the proper stitching, stuffing, cording and finishing it being sure that it is totally reversible.

Kit: $20 

Please bring boutis/trapunto needles available at your quilt shop or








Stevii has been involved with quiltmaking since 1975 and has been a juror and judge for competitions throughout the U.S.  She has been the judging coordinator for Road to California since 2002.  Stevii is a past President of the California Heritage Quilt Project, has served as President of Quilt San Diego/Visions and on the boards of several quilt guilds.  Her quilts have been published in numerous books and magazines as well as having been exhibited both nationally and internationally.


Questions about a class?  Email Stevii at



YOUR PERSONAL CHOP IN THE ROUND  ( 2- 3 hour evening workshops )


We will use folded paper to create your custom chop using your initials.  The chop will be transferred to fabric and fused to a background.  The chop will be finished with varous hand stitching motifs.

Initials, a three letter word (like JOY) or school initials (like USC, VPI or LHS) can be used.  The chop can later be made into a tote bag, pillow or used as a quilt block as a unique way to sign your quilt.


Supply List:

15" square fused fabric for chop.  Use light weight fusible and leave paper backing on.

20" square contrasgint background fabric

2 skeins of embroidery floss or pearle cotton #12 to match chop or contrasting fabric or varigated if you prefer.

paper scissors

small ruler

mechanical pencil

hand sewing kit - thimble, small embroidery scissors


Kit fee:  $5, includes freezer paper, deli paper, Bohin needles, needle irons




English paper piecing is not just for hexagons! 


We will use half hexagons to make the traditional INNER CITY quilt block.  EPP is addictive, easy and accurate.  Inner City requires 3 values of each color for the 3D look.  Uwe several color values or just one to create your unique quilt.  Quilt will measure 28"x35".


Supply List:

1/2 yard each of light, medium and dark fabrics in same color value

1/3 yard inner border

2/3 yard outer border

sewing thread to match fabrics

hand sewing kit: thimble, small embroidery scissors, needle threader


Kit fee: $14 - includes inner city paper pieces and Bohin needles









Honeycomb is a fun one-patch quilt design.  Hand piecing is a great portable project that is easy to learn. This quilt can be done beautifully in any styleof fabric.  This is also a great pattern to use the fussy cut technique.


Supply list:

80 pieces of fabric, 6"x4"

hand sewing thread to match fabaric

mechanical pencil or find line chalk marker (chalk marker can be purchased from instructor during class)

small rotary cutter and mat

straight pins

hand sewing kit - thimble, small embroidery scissors, needle threader


Kit fee $12 - includes honeycomb template and Bohin needles









Jen Kingwell - AUSTRALIA  
My interest in sewing started as a young girl, stitching clothes for my dolls by hand. My mother was not a sewer but a fine knitter and I believe I followed in my aunts footsteps. My very first quilt was made when I lived in the Nurses home at the hospital during my general training.

I have been lucky in my life to have had two wonderful careers. My first love was midwifery and I was honoured to be included in life's most precious every day miracles. Each birth a special one! 

I have tried almost every craft and over 30 years ago stumbled into quilting and here I have remained. An interest became an obsession which then became my career, including teaching and designing.
I would describe myself as a traditional quilter with a modern twist. I love scrappy quilts and the more fabrics I can use in a single project the happier I am. In my perfect world I would hand stitch everything but with today's busy lifestyle I do machine piece as well. I have owned quilt stores for 17 years and currently own amitie Textiles 103a Gardenvale Rd Gardenvale  Victoria Australia   The store offers an eclectic mix of fabrics including Japanese, Liberty of London, linens from Europe, french toiles and a wide collection of patchwork fabrics. We offer wonderful service and classes and host both local and international tutors.

After living in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi UAE with my husband for the past few years we have returned home. The time abroad enabled me to spend more time expanding and developing my range of patterns under my own label. I design fabrics for Moda, one of the largest fabric companies in the USA and have just had my first book "Quilt Lovely" published by F&W Media. This in turn has lead to invitations from all over the world to exhibit my quilts and teach.  My days are filled with sample making and pattern writing which is very exciting. To view these go to

I pinch myself regularly!! To think a girl from a farm in rural Australia could be the featured artist at a quilt expo in The Netherlands or Norway. How lucky am I ???

 If you would like to follow my progress on designs and daily life you are most welcome to follow me on Instagram @jenkingwell

For questions about any class, please email Jen at



This is the general requirements list that I use for every class. Although people might sign up for one class and we will concentrate on that one, I am always happy to teach what ever I can and what the student needs! 


General requirements 

We will be exploring techniques I use in many of my quilts. I will cover fabric selection, hand piecing, acrylic template use, EPP,  hand appliqué techniques, fussy cutting, hand quilting and some idea for quilt as you go

 Please bring to class

• A variety of small cuts of fabric- remember to include some florals, geometrics, spots, stripes etc scraps, fat 1/16ths and eighths

•A fat 1/4 as a background for appliqué 

• Template plastic- a thicker one works best

• Ultra fine permanent marker

• Scissors for cutting plastic

• Fabric scissors

• Straw or milliners needles size 11 

• Neutral 50 wt cotton thread to blend with fabrics for piecing

•50wt thread for appliqué in a variety of colours

• General sewing requirements eg pins

• 0.7mm Mechanical pencil (propelling) with 2B lead

• 1/4" simple seam wheel ( I will supply) 

• Sandpaper board or piece of medium grade sandpaper


For hand quilting

18 inch approx quilt sandwich. Ie 2 fat quarters and a piece of batting cut to this size.  Solid fabrics work well as it's easy to visualise your stitches. Make sure the batting is recommended for hand quilting eg quilters dream cotton request

Chenille needles size 24 or crewel needle size 8

Perle thread 8 wt or Aurifil 12 wt

Hoop optional ( I don't use one)

For questions about any class, please email Jen at



Using Acrylic Templates (2 - 3 hour evening workshops)
Join Jen Kingwell for a day of sewing and fun in this class, which includes your choice of the projects to the right:  Gem Star (top), Drops of Jupiter (bottom).   Jen says, "Acrylic templates are incredibly accurate and convenient. They are thought to be used mostly for rotary cutting and machine piecing but I will show you how they are also fantastic for hand piecing.

My love of scrappy has lead me to make some repeat block quilts that play with and explore colour and print, creating secondary patterns as they evolve. Both Drops of Jupiter and Gem Stars are template cut and hand pieced and the projects can be made to any size you like. A fun way to play with your fabric stash and create something uniquely yours. Choose one of these projects to make on the day and explore!!!"

Jen's tips and guidance for creating the blocks for these quilts will have you embracing patchwork like never before.   Jen has recently released acrylic templates for Queen's Cross, I'm a Farmer's Daughter and Halo; please contact us if you'd like to order a set to complement your previously purchased pattern


Gem Star and Drops of Jupiter are are fantastic quilts to play with color and your favorite fabric choices. 

**TEMPLATES must be pre-ordered from Jen so they can be shipped prior to class.


**See general requirements list above.




For questions about this class, please email Jen at





Curved piecing:   


Curves are daunting to some but with a few simple steps they become fun and easy to stitch. You will never be intimidated again and look at patterns with new interest. 


We will start with a small project on the day and I will give you ideas on how you can develop this into your finished masterpiece.

    **See general requirements list above.







Appliqué cushion


This will be a project that will become uniquely yours. In this class explore different techniques to prepare your appliqué and learn needleturn tips and tricks. Different pattern shapes will be supplied for your  own creativity or I will help you with a design. Fun, casual and creative! 


 **Requirements list - see general re


Images shows 4 different cushion possibilities - or you may create your own using Jen's techniques.



Gillian Travis - GREAT BRITAIN  

Gillian Travis is an award winning textile artist based in a small village in the North of England. She has a studio near my home that has been developed to accommodate creative textiles courses. She loves teaching and passing on skills, ideas and enthusiasm to students of all ages.

Gillian travels extensively for pleasure and teaching, and make regular trips to India, Most of the textiles she makes are inspired by my travels. She take lots of photographs and later use them to design and develop into quilts.

Her work is colourful and contemporary, She specializes in paint, print, felt and machine stitch, and always use natural fabrics.

Gillian has taught Textile courses since 1995, first non vocational classes, and later GCSE and Open College textiles. In 2006, she became an independent Creative Textiles Tutor. For several years she continued to teach City and Guilds 7922 Embroidery, from her studio through Link2Create.  She now uses her many years of textiles teaching experience and devises her own programs of study responding to students needs and interests.

Gillians' Creative Textiles courses offer contemporary approaches to embroidery, patchwork and quilting with an emphasis on design. They include techniques such as felting, paper making, silk painting, fabric dying printing and painting.

Questions regarding a class?  Please email Gillian at




Baltic Memory

Photo to Quilt - the perfect class to make a memory quilt from one of your Baltic images

Many of the quilts I make are painted with added appliqué and machine stitching. I take many photographs and use these to images to make my quilts.

I print the images in black and white, trace them and transfer the design to fabric. I use paint and a brush to paint my design on to the fabric.

I teach and exhibit my work in the UK and internationally and I hear the words “I can’t draw” all the time.

Can you trace?

Can you study a photograph to see where there is light and dark?

Can you use an App on a tablet or Ipad?


I have many tips to share with you and if you “trust me” I can try to make you an artist.

We will learn how to apply the paint, mix the correct color, and observe the photograph carefully to know where to make the image darker or lighter


I have several designs already produced that you may like to use

The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen Harbour

Tallinn Townscape

However it would be good to use your own photographs taken whilst on the cruise


You will receive in your kit

A paintbrush

A frixion pen

Background fabric


Paint will be provided but you will also crayon your design

A photocopy of my photograph of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

A piece of tracing paper


You will need to bring with you a thin black felt tip and a pencil


Kit $15 this includes the frixion pen and the paint brush


You will have access to inktense crayons and blocks and all paints needed

If you have an ipad / tablet please bring it with you although this is not essential

You will not need any protective clothing - this is not a messy class

This class should appeal to not just a quilter or an embroiderer; maybe your partner might like to come along as well


We will finish the class by adding some hand stitching, although this is not essential





Swedish Landscape 


Following a visit to Sweden several years ago I made this quilt.

It features the Dala horse, these are seen throughout Sweden, the typical brown wooden houses and embroidery similar to that found on traditional Swedish costume.

NB I made my quilt using a sewing machine however it is possible to make the quilt by hand. In the class we will make a smaller version that includes a strip pieced background, appliqué and some embroidery.

Your quilt is a variation of this design, the size is approximately 11” x 16”


You will learn how to -

Make a patchwork background

Use transfer adhesive to add appliqué

Add embroidery stitches to the background


Kit includes

Strips of green and blue fabrics (you may wish to bring some extra of your own)

Small pieces of red white and brown fabrics



Red, blue green and white thread for the embroidery

Blue thread



It is not necessary to follow the pattern exactly and originality will be encouraged.


You will need


Small scissors


Cost of Kit $28


Interchange Appliqué   (2 - 3 hour evening workshops)


In 2015, I made a series of quilts that started by taking a simple shape and repeating it.  I developed an innovative and economical method of interchange appliqué to make contemporary quilts. They started with a pomegranate design but developed to include jugs, pots and many other designs.

Students will learn a new method of fused appliqué and be able to make a table mat or similar. We will start by carrying out some simple paper exercises and quickly move on to fabric. I will have a small kit that students can purchase from me but can then use their own fabric.



Transfer adhesive (Bondaweb or similar)


Small scissors

Batik fabric or similar

Backing fabric like white cotton

505 spray

Ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter

Needle and thread


Kit $10 each (not essential but a quick and easy way to start)



Counterchange design



My interchange appliqué book is available for $20




Join World of Quilts Travel founder Deb Roberts in the classrooms on select evenings to create fun projects reflective of our cruise together.

Materials will be provided as will one glass of white or red wine. 

Depending on the project, kits (including snacks & wine) $20-$30.

Projects in progress - check back later.



Class registration will begin in April or May, 2018. A selection list will be e-mailed to participants, please be certain you keep us updated if your email address changes.


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