Terms and Conditions - Deb Roberts' Tours

 The following information applies to all tours and cruises associated with Deb Robertsí Tours/World of Quilts Travel.  By registering and depositing a cruise or tour with World of Quilts Travel, one agrees to these terms and conditions.  One should periodically review these Terms and Conditions until your tour commences as Deb Roberts' Tours may revise them from time to time as may be appropriate.  Registering for a cruise or tour constitutes your agreement to each term and condition until your tour commences, no matter when posted. 

Although we are not responsible for airfare purchased by individuals at any time, we strongly suggest that you do not book airfare until your tour/cruise is confirmed as a GO.

Until a cruise or a tour is announced as a 'go' we will not be sending out details on a trip.  However, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be times when tours, teachers, itinerary, inclusions, projects, special offers and schedules may need to change without notice. 

In order to participate in related activities, all cruises and tours offered through World of Quilts Travel must be booked through Deb Roberts Tours.  We cannot make exceptions, thank you for your understanding.  Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.


TERMINOLOGY:  Wording such as 'tour', 'cruise' or 'trip" will be used synonymously throughout these terms and conditions.  

EMAILS & INTERNET ACCESS: An email address is required by every guest so that you are able to receive updates and payment information, including invoices.  There are no exceptions.  Email is how we update you, send invoices and is also how cruise lines notify you of any changes.  If you do not have an email address, find a friend who has one who will accept emails for you. 

Please notify us promptly of email or other personal address change, it is not our responsibility to know how to reach you should your email address bounce back or not work.  In other words, if you do not notify us - we will not know.

REGISTRATIONS: All registrations must be accompanied by a signed registration form, one form for each person participating in the cruise or tour.

We do not accept responsibility for email or snail mail to the wrong address if we are not notified of an address change, no matter the circumstance.  We accept no responsibility for emails that are sent and not received if they do not bounce back - we have no way of knowing that something is not received when this happens.  Please be certain we are updated with your current contact information.

BY registering for your cruise or tour, you agree to the following terms and conditions and you hereby release Deb Roberts' Tours or any sponsor from all claims arising out of any issue associated with the trip.  

BOOKING AIR - REMINDER: When participating in a program that requires you to book your own air, please do not book air until it has been confirmed that your program is a "GO".  We are not responsible for airfare bookings at any time in the event that we need to cancel our tour/cruise/event.

LEGAL ISSUES: Deb Roberts' Tours (World of Quilts Travel) as no special unpublished (otherwise something NOT publicly unavailable to you) knowledge regarding the financial condition of any suppliers (airline, cruise ship, hotel/motel, coach company, tour company, ship line) or unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. Your are responsible to keep yourself informed of any unsafe conditions (including government travel warnings), health hazards, weather hazards or climate extremes to any place where you may visit with Deb Roberts' Tours/World of Quilts Travel and act accordingly.  You are strongly encouraged to contact your health care provider with any concerns you may have.

However, as you undertake any travel at your own risk. Please be aware  of the following:

For a worldwide terrorism alert, go to: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings/worldwide-caution.html.  For other information concerning possible dangers at destinations, Deb Roberts' Tours recommends contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or go to www.travel.state.gov, and check for your travel destination.  This is your responsibility and Deb Roberts' Tours accepts no responsibility or liability for your action or inaction to do so or for untoward event that might occur during travel. For medical information, we recommend contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or www.cdc.gov/travel   When traveling with us, you assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination's, and all conditions regarding health, disease outbreaks, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination's.  You hereby release Deb Roberts' Tours or any sponsor from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph. You agree that the courts in Riverside County, CA will be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims brought by you or  Deb Roberts' Tours  and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of those courts.

When traveling abroad you are strongly encouraged to participate in your country's Traveler Enrollment Program. For US citizens it can be found here https://step.state.gov/STEP/Pages/Common/Citizenship.aspx.  If your citizenship is elsewhere, please check your country's government pages for similar programs.

Travel arrangements involving airline and cruise components are subject to supplemental price increases that may be imposed by the supplier and/or government after you have completed your purchase. You hereby consent to any such price increases and will send a check or authorize your credit or debit card to be used for them. Suppliers have their own contracts covering cancellation penalties and other terms and conditions, and you may be bound by those contracts regardless of whether you receive notice of their terms. By accepting this itinerary or invoice, you hereby consent to these terms and conditions.

SAFETY CONCERNS OR HEALTH RISKS: You are responsible to keep yourself updated regarding any warnings or risks associated with your travel, please see the appropriate Travel.State.Gov website by clicking here.

ZIKA VIRUS NOTICE:  Recent travel health notices have been issued by public health authorities for people traveling to areas where Zika virus is known to occur. Zika Virus is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, although sexual transmission can also occur. Symptoms include fever, headache, red eyes, rash, and joint pains. The illness is usually mild, lasts between 2-7 days and affects only 1 in 5 people infected. Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects and women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should consult with their healthcare provider prior to booking travel to areas with active Zika 
transmission. (http://www.cdc.gov/zika/pregnancy/questionanswers.html). As Zika continues to spread to many countries, we recommend you regularly review the CDC travelers health website for updated information, http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices, or for the specific area you are visiting. Guests are reminded to take enhanced
precautions against biting insects by covering exposed skin, and using insect repellent. Comprehensive health information can be found at: 

For the latest information travel and the ZIKA virus, health concern updates or other concerns, you are responsible to read information at the CDC website and act accordingly, please click here. 

Deb Roberts' Tours or its sponsors assume no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any refund, illness, personal injury, property damage, or other loss, accident, death, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be caused by: (1) any reason, including defaults, terrorism, wrongful or negligent acts, community violence or omissions (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, craft, equipment, or instrumentality owned, operated, or otherwise used or provided by the Suppliers; (3) any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under Deb Roberts' Tours control; and (4) any Supplier price drop after your travel arrangements have been confirmed  (5) any error or omission, catastrophic financial event including bank failure, war, terrorist or criminal act. (6) any occurrence that causes injury or death at any time during your trip.  By registering for any cruise or tour, you hereby release Deb Roberts' Tours from all claims arising out of any problem covered in the above paragraphs.

*25 Guest Rule:  We like to keep our LAND tour groups small and intimate and our aim is to take no more than 25 guests in each group.  At times, when we have 24 signed up, additional guests will register together and we cannot find it in our hearts to turn one down so there may be a few more.  This number does not include the driver, guide, or any assistants from our office.

REGISTRATION:  Your registration is dated on the day that both your form and deposit payment are received.  When a form is faxed, your registration is not complete until the deposit is received.  In cases where we are having a special with a deadline date, both the form and the deposit must be received by close of business (5PM Pacific Time) on the deadline date.  In cases where there are two parties sharing a room, both registrations must be received by the deadline.

INVOICES:  Invoices are sent by email only, it is imperative that you keep us updated should your email address change.  Your invoice will be sent approximately 30 days, but not less than 14 days prior to the final payment deadline.  The final payment deadline is on our registration form and will be on the invoice.  We are not responsible for ineligible email addresses on forms, if you do not receive an invoice within 1 week of a deadline, please inquire.  As many cruises and tours are initially priced over 18 months in advance, occasionally due to availability circumstances or other unavoidable event, such as currency rate swings (up or down greater than 2%), while we will do everything in our control to avoid it, final pricing may change without notice prior to the final payment deadline. 

THE TOTAL TOUR PRICE: Cruise and Tour prices, are based on airfare (if stated as included), cruise and land rates and rates of exchange in effect at the time of arrangements.  Neither a tour/cruise provider or Deb Roberts' Tours is responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Due to situations which may be out of our control any itinerary is subject to change at any time without advance notice.  All advertised pricing considers a 3-5% discount for those who wish to pay by cash (see below).  Pricing is not guaranteed until the booking is received.

Because of the volatility of airline surcharges and government fees, if airfare is included, government fees, airline surcharges and taxes are NOT included in the published tour price but will be added onto the total price on the invoice; these will be reflected at the rate they are the day of  invoicing (again, will be included as a separate item on the invoice). Should these government rates and fees go up more than 1% between invoicing and ticketing the passenger will be responsible for the difference. All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

At various times, cruise lines will offer a special rate which we are not able to pass along as we have a group block. 

PAYMENTS:  Payments for all cruises and tours must be made directly to Deb Roberts' Tours.  There are no exceptions.  Any payments made directly to cruise lines or tour suppliers will not be credited to your final payment invoice and per cruise line policy, you will not be able to participate in quilting activities unless payments are made according to our terms and conditions.  Cruise lines only allow those signed up within our group to participate in group activities.

We ask for a deposit (the amount is specified for each trip) and a final payment only. Unless otherwise stipulated for a special retreat, we do not ask for monthly or incremental payments and prefer not to receive them as our accounting system does not work this way.

Acceptable payment methods may be changed or be altered at any time.  Payments from residents/citizens living outside of the United States must be made in the form of a bank (certified) check or a money order in US FUNDS ONLY to receive the discounted cruise fare.  OR we can arrange an international bank transfer for a $35 (US incoming) bank imposed fee.  We are unable to accept personal checks that are not written on a US bank account.  Please be mindful of mailing times when mailing from outside of the United States, even if mailing by express mail.  The final payment deadline provided on your invoice is the last day the payment may arrive without facing a late payment penalty or the possibility of loss of space. 

We are not able to accept coupons or vouchers from a third party (such as cruise line).

We do not accept credit cards and no longer accept PayPal credit card purchases.   You may pay cash through PayPal if you wish.  We will accept wire transfers, there will be a $35 for each incoming transfer from USA banks, $50 fee for each incoming transfer from international banks.

Final Payment Invoices will be sent only by email.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to provide an email address and notify if it changes.  There will be a late payment penalty assessed for payments received after the final payment deadline no matter the reason.  Please note payment deadlines associated with your cruise or tour. Final payments received after the indicated date must include the indicated late payment fee or they cannot be processed. (This does not apply for new reservations made after the deadline.)  Reservations made after the final payment deadline must include full payment at time of registration. 

Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible for funds until they reach our office.  You may wish to register (signature required on arrival) your envelope when mailing, however we do not accept responsibility of the funds until they are in our hands, regardless of signature status.  Funds for checks that have been returned to us by the bank for any reason must be sent out by overnight mail in the form of a certified check or money order and must include a $50 return check fee. Failure to comply will result in your space being canceled and loss of your deposit. 

Often, international mail can take awhile to reach us. Please be certain your mailed payment is mailed in time to reach us by the final payment deadline date.  I am sorry, we can't be responsible for payments that do not reach us by the final payment deadline, no matter when they are mailed.

DISCOUNTS:  Any discounts on cruises for non-quilters or participants are applied to your invoice.  Non-quilter discounts are not applicable to 3rd or 4th persons in a cabin who already receive a substantial discount.   Non-quilters or participants who've received a discount do not participate in quilt related activities or events or receive gifts, coupons or prizes.

At times, certain cruise lines will offer a special price that we unable to match.  When we have a category that is no longer available in our block, we are sometimes able to book outside of the group block but this cannot be guaranteed.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: If Deb Roberts through any company, including IATA carriers, consolidators, or tour suppliers, is providing your group flight arrangements, flight reservations are being held on behalf of the group on discounted group fares. If a promotional group airfare is broken or extended for any reason, an additional fare will be applied. Any deviations from the scheduled itinerary may incur additional fees and charges: Once your ticket is issued there is a mandatory $500 charge plus any airline deviation charge. There are no group airfare refunds after the invoicing date, as deposits for airfare are not refundable. Additional non-recoverable airline penalties of up to $350 may be assessed for change requests received before 90 days of departure. Once the final payment deadline or invoicing date have passed, participation in a group air rate cannot be guaranteed, in this case it is the passenger's responsibility to make their own air arrangements.

Due to fluctuations in energy costs, airline fees and taxes, airfares included as part of a tour package do not include these charges as these are subject to change until ticketing, without prior notice. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to pay the addition of air transportation, security fees, fuel surcharges or any additional fees or taxes associated with your flight. You always have the option of electing to arrange your own airfare when registering, which comes in handy if you wish to use your miles or awards program.

Airfare is not included for travel from your home town to departure cities on group flights.

MAKING INDEPENDENT AIR ARRANGEMENTS: It is imperative that you do not make any air arrangements until your space on your space on the tour is confirmed and the tour is confirmed as a 'go'.   This will be done by email.  Once this is done and you are purchasing airfare for such a tour, it is important that you consider purchasing optional travel insurance to cover the airfare for your trip.  Even though we announce a trip is a go, that only means we have sufficient travelers.  There may still be an event or unforeseen circumstance which could cause us to cancel a tour at any time, we want to be certain you are covered for any and all situations.  Please verify departure dates prior to booking, sometimes changes are made and we cannot be responsible if you do not have the correct dates.

AIR TRANSPORTATION FOR CRUISES:  When making your own cruise flight arrangements, please be certain that your flight on embarkation day arrives no later than 12 noon.   On disembarkation day, please be certain your flight does not leave before 12:00pm.  Those choosing to have flights purchased through the airline must realize that penalties may be associated with changes or flight cancellations beyond what the cruise line would charge.  Additional insurance rates will be accessed if purchasing air through a cruise line program, otherwise, independent air insurance is strongly recommended in the event of cancellation.  If airfare is quoted to you, with the frequent fluctuations, it is only good for the moment it is quoted.  Please ascertain the cost of airfare before booking any tour with the understanding it most likely will change between that time and the time you purchase it. 

LAND ONLY ARRANGEMENTS:   When selecting the option of a "land only" portion of a tour that includes airfare, airport transfers to or from the hotel are NOT included with your tour.  These arrangements are to be made independently by the traveler.  No assumptions should be made about the availability of early arrival or late departure hotel room accommodations.    It is the responsibility of the traveler to ascertain and secure such reservations unless a general offer has been made for pre-tour room arrangements.  When booking independent air, please be certain of the itinerary, departures and arrival of the group.  Deb Roberts' Tours will not be responsible for missed flights, transfers or activities when someone is traveling as a "land only" passenger.

FREE TO FLY PROGRAM - to assist clients in using reward program air miles, Deb offers the Free to Fly program which allows one to make their own air arrangements on specified tours where air is not included. Please be aware, that minimum enrollment requirements are mandatory on all tours and one should NOT book non-refundable air transportation on their own until there has been confirmation that the trip will be a definite go. Should one proceed to make air arrangements before a trip is announced as a go, Deb Roberts Tours cannot be responsible for any associated costs. It will be announced by the final payment deadline whether a trip is a go, on hold as a go, or will be canceled. All trips are subject to cancellation for any reason Ė again, it is advised that you hold off on booking non-refundable air until your tour has been confirmed as a "go".   ALSO, it is recommended that you purchase air insurance coverage at the time of your flight ticketing in the event that you or your roommate should have to cancel as air arrangements made individually are not covered under the group insurance plans.

Arrangements for flights should not be made until the final itinerary has been released.  At times there are changes to the group flight itinerary that might affect your inward or outbound flight.  Deb Roberts Travel does not assume risks or losses associated with changes made to flight arrangements made before the final itinerary has been released. 

When purchasing air independently, it is suggested that you do not book independent air until the trip is confirmed as a definite 'go', otherwise, if you have a non-refundable ticket and the tour is not a 'go', we cannot be responsible for your decision or your airfare.  Additionally, be certain to verify departure/return dates as we cannot be responsible for typographical errors.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Deluxe 3*, 4* and 5* hotels are selected and the price is based on twin occupancy with private bath. A single room supplement will be charged where requested and if available. Every attempt is made to find suitable roommates when requested. If you do not have a roommate and Deb Roberts is unable to arrange one, you will have a choice to be billed for the single room supplement or cancel your tour with full refund. All singles are subject to availability. Any personally incurred hotel expenses, such as room service charges, mini bar service, etc. will be at the travelerís sole expense and are not included in the tour cost.  Unless traveling with an arranged group airfare, when traveling overnight to your destination, please be aware that hotel check-in policies will not guarantee a room until 2pm in most cities.  Most hotels will make every attempt to accommodate you as soon as possible if your room is not available on arrival, but this cannot be guaranteed.  Most hotels will securely hold your luggage until your room is ready so that you can explore the area or grab a bite to eat.  Deb Roberts Tours will not be responsible for any incurred charges while clients are waiting for hotel room availability.

ARRANGING ROOMMATES: Deb will keep you updated as to possible roommate choices, although roommates cannot be guaranteed. Compatibility is something that cannot be assured thus it is important to understand once assignments have been made, roommate changes are not always possible. This must be understood when requesting unknown roommates, you will be with this person for the duration of the tour.  When roommates cannot be found, then the person requesting one will travel as a single and pay the single supplement or upon request, receive a refund of their deposit if the request is received prior to the final payment invoice date.  Once bookings have been made, should one of the roommates cancel prior to the trip, the roommate arrangement can no longer be honored.   The roommate will be notified at the time of the other roommate cancellation and asked about their decision to continue on the tour or also cancel.  Nevertheless, all penalties will apply with regard to the final payment deadline and invoice dates as indicated on these terms and conditions.  Deborah Roberts or Deb Roberts' Tours will not be responsible for any expenses incurred in roommate situations when either roommate cancels, including airfare to the destination.   Find out the policy for your airline's cancellation protection if a roommate cancels prior to purchasing tickets, Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible or liable for errors or omissions in coverage or for refunds should someone cancel with or without insurance protection. Purchasing insurance with your airfare is STRONGLY recommended.   It is imperative that you have a working email address when prospective roommates to reach you, for this reason, please notifiy us immediately if you have an email address change. 

GUIDED TOURS: On land tours, escorted tours to private and public places are arranged for your enjoyment. Please regard our timetable as announced each day or at the drop-off point. It is important to take heed as to the location of the coach, and the time the group is told to return. Often, the coach moves and you need to be aware of where the new location is - you will be told. If one has not returned to the coach by the appointed time, it will be assumed that they have decided to deviate from the day's activity and the coach will depart. If one should miss the coach, fees to return to the hotel, cruise or tour are their sole responsibility.

Deb Roberts' Tours is not financially or otherwise responsible for anyone's reunion with any tour should a scheduled coach or ship departure be missed.

EXTENSIONS AND OPTIONS:  Just as all tours, specified tour extensions that are offered as an option are subject to minimum registration numbers.  If these numbers are not met, tour participants are expected to participate in the original portion of tour.   Optional extension or tours are not included in the price of your cruise.

CRUISES: Quilt Cruises are not guided tours.  However, each cruise is escorted by Deb Roberts or occasionally, a representative of our company who is familiar with the trip.  Cruises are planned using group space bookings with pre-arranged meeting times for scheduled classes of interest while onboard.  At times, and according to the itinerary, there will be pre-planned group excursion options to be held in conjunction with the cruise, if so, this will ALWAYS be listed under the "inclusions" section of the cruise's website from the onset or offered as an option meaning you may purchase the tour.   Most cruise adventures are arranged so that group time is only during the stated (with inclusions) activities and never while in port.  In most instances optional cruise shore tours are not planned in order to allow travelers the flexibility to see what they would like to see in each port.  Should a group tour or side trip be planned,  information will be supplied on the website or by speecial announcement before the trip commences.  If there are quilter shore tours, they are an optional choice for you and not included in the price of your cruise. By traveling on a quilt cruise, it is important to realize that  your port time will be independent and it will be your responsibility to ascertain and arrange your private shore tours including trips to quilt shops or museums, and for assistance as needed through the cruise line or an independent source. 

Should you need anyone to assist you in any way on a cruise,  you must bring that person with you.  We are not able to provide assistants for you for any reason.

To participate in quilt classes and events, all cruises must be booked through our agency, unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Gratuities are not included in the price of any cruise. 

Special offers for cruises, such as onboard credit, gifts, etc., that come from the cruise line are per cabin or for the 1st two people in a cabin unless otherwise noted.   Many promotions are run by the throughout the course of a group booking period without our prior knowledge.  Some of our guests booked during these times will receive gifts from the cruise line and those booked at other times will not.  We have no control over this, and cannot match or accept responsibility for what one guest may receive from the cruise line and another does not.  Amenities from special promotions offered by the cruise line are applicable to the first 2 in a cabin only.

CLASSES & WORKSHOPS:  Classes and workshops will be announced in advance of the cruise.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be changes to the class schedule or teachers without notice.  Classes with insufficient enrollment may be canceled at our discretion.   To be as fair to everyone as possible, there are no guarantees on classes prior to enrollment in them.  Classes are assigned on a first come basis with registration sent out to all participants at the same time.

SEWING MACHINES and USE OF: Due to customs rules, we will not provide sewing machines on cruises which do not originate and end in the United States.  However, projects selected will be such that you may later apply the techniques or patterns to both hand and machine quilting and may include stitching, fussy cutting, painting, dyeing, embellishment, or working with different fabrics, new medium, etc.  

CRUISE CLASS KITS:  We strongly suggest that you do not order class kits until the cruise is confirmed as a 'go'. 

CRUISE INFORMATION: Cruises with us are group bookings and subject to the quoted group rate by the cruise line, it is not possible to grant special rates or travel agent rates other than the posted group rate.  Rates cannot be changed or altered once booked.  Upgrades may or may not be possible, a free upgrade from the cruise line imposes no fee.    While we attempt to honor location requests on cruises it is not always possible due to the categories we have in our group block.  If you wish to have a specific location, please inquire before booking to avoid disappointment.   For example, if we have the category, "BALCONY" that is a balcony cabin in our block, and not necessarily any balcony cabin of your choice on the cruise.

Single bookings: Please be aware that cabin pricing for singles is at times, twice that of double per person pricing.  Cabins are sold as a unit, cruise lines see the price for one as the same as the price for two because the same amount of space is taken. 

With any cruise line, in the event of tax, fuel supplements, port charges, or government fee increases prior to the sailing date of a cruise, we are required to collect these additional fees from each guest prior to sailing.  Currently, fuel supplements are on hold by all cruise lines, but each, reserves the right to reinstate a fuel supplement if fuel prices increase before the sailing date of any cruise.  This may occur at any time, even after the final payment has been made.

It is important to be aware of port departure times each port day on all cruises. If a cruise participant is late for any reason and the ship sails without them, Deb Roberts' Tours is not financially or otherwise responsible for their reunion with the ship or return to their home.  Please be sure you plan to arrive in the departure city before 12 NOON on the day of embarkation (departure).

CRUISE DINING: We arrange OPEN TIME dining on all of our cruises, which means you may go when you wish.  Occasionally, depending upon our sponsor, we may have assigned dining time with round-robin seating (sit where you wish). If you wish a specified dining time, please request this with your registration.  Dining requests cannot be guaranteed.

ONBOARD CREDITS:  We do not offer onboard credits as part of a cruise package.  However, special offers and onboard credits may be made available by a cruise line at certain times.  These are issued to the first 2 people in each cabin only.  When there are more than 2 in a cabin, there are no additional credits or amenities for additional people in the cabin.  They are not added or included by Deb Roberts Tours but may, upon occasion be part of a promotion offered by the cruise line when a cabin is booked.  It will not be made available to anyone unless under these circumstances and is an amenity gift from the cruise line, not our agency.

CRUISE LINE DISCLAIMER: Be aware, while it is extremely rare, all cruise lines include in their passage contract,  "In the event of strikes, lockouts, stoppages of labor, riots, weather conditions, mechanical difficulties or any other reason whatsoever (ANY CRUISE LINE) has the right to cancel, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing or itinerary without prior notice." As such, travel protection is strongly recommended. 

By booking any cruise with us, you are agreeing to that cruise line's full contract, terms and conditions.

CRUISE MEALS:  Meals in the regular dining room, buffet and complimentary room service items are included with your cruise.  Any specialty restaurant charges or room service food ordered that is not complimentary from the cruise line is not included on your cruise and will be added to your onboard statement.

MEALS on LAND TOURS: On European and Pacific/Asian tours, full American breakfast is provided daily. Tours within the United States will have breakfast if stipulated on the itinerary. Other provided meals are as per each itinerary, while on cruises all meals are provided while onboard ship. An extra charge will be made when beverages are not included in the menu of the day with meals. Please provide any dietary restrictions in writing on the registration form.

COMPLIMENTARY ROOM SERVICE: On cruises, is for what the cruise line offers as their regular included services, does not include meals or food that have supplements charged or room service gratuities.

CRUISE TRANSFERS:  Cruise transfers are optional and not included with your cruise price and are only available by request.  They are only offered on the day of embarkation and disembarkation between the airport and the ship.  If you are traveling on a pre or post-cruise tour arranged by anyone other than the cruise line, transfers are not included even if you purchased air as part of your cruise package.

SHORE TRIPS:  At times, if our cruise line cannot offer custom tours to our group so that we can visit quilt shops as well as sightsee, an independent company will offer to do the shore trips for us. Independent of who offers them, shore tours are always optional excursions for you and do have an added cost (unless a Viking River Cruise).  If an independent shore tour provider is providing optional excursions for a group you are in and you sign up for these excursions, please be advised, we are not affiliated with that company in any way. As such, we are not privy to their information and cannot answer questions regarding your tickets, the tours, timing, walking, meal times, or any other issue that might arise. MOST information is provided on each tour website, if you take the time to read these pages carefully, you will find most answers there.  If you still have a question, please call the tour provider.  These tour options are provided as a courtesy for your benefit, we are not responsible for the tour or any information provided by the outside tour company regarding the tour. Please read all of the information they provide carefully before purchasing your tour.

TRAVEL PROTECTION: We are only allowed to sell travel insurance to US residents, with the exception of the state of NY where state insurance laws do not allow us to sell to residents there..

Purchasing of travel protection is optional on all tours and cruises.  You do not have to have travel protection.  If you choose to purchase it, you may purchase it from any reputable travel protection provider, such as allianz.com or travelguard.com  The option that is offered through Deb Roberts' Tours is a travel plan which provides protection coverage that only applies during the covered trip purchased from Deb Roberts' Tours, nothing more.  For example, airfare to a cruise port is not covered by travel protection purchased from Deb Roberts if you did not buy your airfare from Deb Roberts. It is strongly suggested that you by coverage from an air carrier or any other source when you purchase your tickets as, again, it is not covered by a policy purchased from Deb Roberts Tours. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverage. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer or insurance agent or broker.   You may choose to purchase travel protection from any reputable carrier.

The cost of travel protection is NOT included in the amount of your tour/cruise package, this is an option for you.  It is important to realize that if a tour or cruise has to cancel and you have asked us to purchased travel protection from a cruise line or airline on your behalf, rather than our own supplier, you may NOT get that portion of your payment back that covers the quilting portion of your trip.  Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible for the decision of the insurance administrator or liable for any difference in claim vs refund.  The decision rests with the claim adjuster on whether any portion of your trip will be refundable.  Travel protection begins at the final payment deadline when payment has been made. Should you plan to travel outside of the published cruise/tour dates, please note your coverage is only for the dates posted on the tour, we cannot cover extended travel dates.

Plan costs may change over the course of time, we are happy to share the price of travel protection with you at any time, please provide the name of the trip you are considering, if a cruise, the category, and your year of birth as some protection plans are based on age.

If it is not indicated on your registration forms that you choose to purchase or decline travel protection, we will purchase it for you and add this charge to your invoice.   You must notify us immediately if you do not wish to purchase the protection and send us a Decline Travel Protection form.

Please note: New CA insurance regulations exist, please be advised:

1.That purchasing travel insurance is not required in order to purchase any other producer or services offered by the travel retailer
2. If not individually licensed, that the Retailerís employee is not qualified or authorized to:
    a)Answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions or conditions of any of the insurance offered by the travel retailer
    b)Evaluate the adequacy of the prospective insuredís existing insurance coverage
        * These disclosures can be provided  in one of three ways:
            a)Provided in writing to the purchaser; or
            b)Displayed by clear and conspicuous signs that are posted at every location where contracts are executed, included but limited to the counter where the purchaser signs the agreement; or
            c)Acknowledged in writing by the purchaser.  As our registration paperwork indicates that one has understood, read and comprehended the terms and conditions, it is thus acknowledged.

As travel protection may be purchased from any carrier, if you purchase independently, please be certain of your coverage.  Especially if purchased from a cruise line, your coverage reimbursement amount may not include the full amount of your quilt cruise purchase.  If you choose to be covered by a cruise line, you are accepting responsibility for the differences in coverage/cancellation loss return amounts and the cost of your quilt cruise (should they exist).  The cost of a cruise alone will be different from the cost of a quilting cruise because of the other costs involved.  Coverage from a cruise line will not cover the additional quilt class related fees.

The request for travel protection to be provided by our office must be made on your original registration form which is included with your initial trip deposit, or within 14 days after its receipt.  Coverage does not begin until the final payment has been made. Once you have indicated you wish to have insurance on your registration form it is your responsibility to follow through with this purchase, once we have paid for your coverage, it cannot be canceled.

If you have a pre-existing condition, please ask for a copy and review the policy for pre-existing conditions; pre-existing condition coverage is not guaranteed.  Please see the individual plan certificate of coverage, available with your purchase or, you may request a copy at anytime.  Once travel protection has been purchased, that portion of your invoice is non-refundable as it is not covered by the plan. We do not offer "cancel for any reason" travel protection.

Generally, while travel protection costs between 5-7% of your trip cost, it may vary by age.  Any travel protection rates quoted are an estimate of coverage cost. You will be sent the current certificate of coverage for your policy before departure.

If you choose to decline protection, your registration must include a 'decline travel protection form' or it will not be processed.

GROUP policies are generally purchased at a savings cost to you the traveler over what you might pay individually.  As such, your name may be included with all other names on the group manifest.  Actual policy or claim information will be sent out in the weeks just prior to your trip.  If you have an incident that would cause you to need to cancel your trip prior to this time, please let us know.

Travel protection for all tours and cruises includes coverage ONLY for the amount of the tour/cruise that you purchase from Deb Roberts' Tours.  For example, if your tour does not include airfare, air you purchase separately is not covered by the  travel protection offered by your trip plan.    Be certain that you purchase travel protection at the time you purchase your airfare if purchased independently of your cruise/tour.

All claims are the responsibility of the traveler and between the traveler and the travel protection provider.  Deb Roberts' Tours is not to be an intermediary in handling claims other than to confirm dates and payments.  Claim decisions of the provider are final,  Deb Roberts' Tours shall not be liable for any claim or amounts the claim adjuster deems inappropriate to the policy terms and conditions.  Information is confidential and is only provided to the claims adjuster when requested. It will not be provided to any third party.

For those living outside of the US or in NY, we are not allowed to cover you with our group policy.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Should you wish travel protection, please go to http://travelinsured.com or http://allianz.com (or any travel insurance broker) and book your insurance as an individual.  On request, we will send you the full amount of your tour cost so you can shop for the best plan to fit your needs.

Travel protection purchased from our agency is not effective until the final payment deadline, or if booking occurs after this date, when the final payment is received.

Some trips have a cancellation deadline. This is a date where by until that day a refund of all monies paid be offered, insurance will not become effective until that cancellation date deadline.  An example would be if your trip has a cancellation deadline of April 1 to receive any refund.  Travel protection will not be purchased before that date, but will be purchased ON that date so it is then in effect.

As claims are between you the client and the insurance company.  We respond to requests for information only as requested by the providing company, that is our policy.

Once a travel protection payment has been received, it cannot be refunded.

An explanation of travel protection coverage information will be provided upon request as they may differ depending on your tour choice. As a traveler, you will receive full coverage documentation by email prior to commencing your journey.

LUGGAGE: Unless otherwise indicated,  on all land tours, coaching requirements allow 1 (one) suitcase and 1 (one) personal size carry on bag (handbag or small backpack) per person. (This bag must fit inside of the coach.) No exceptions. This is not my rule but the rule of the multiple coaching associations throughout the world. Additional luggage may incur an additional fee by the carrier at your expense - and your luggage may travel separately from you to the final destination by way of another carrier.

Cruise only? luggage is not restricted except for what might be restricted by your air carrier or the coaching company hired to transport the group.

SURCHARGES, TIPS AND TAXES: When dining with or staying in a group hotel, tips and taxes normally appearing on hotel and restaurant bills as "service" are included, as are all government and local taxes. Tips to housekeeping and service restaurant staff are not included. Tips to guides on land tours are not included unless otherwise stated.  Cruise tips are not included and are at each individual passenger's discretion, please check the cruise line policy for the cruise you are on.

Government fees and fuel taxes are not included, and government taxes/port fees on cruises are not included; these will be added onto the final invoicing as well as any surcharges that we may incur.  

ROOMMATES:  When someone does not have a roommate and would like one, I will make suggestions and provide contact information based upon others in the group with the same need.  It is up to the prospective roommates to make contact with each other to determine compatibility.  Once roommates have been assigned it will not be possible to make changes.  Please be certain you are happy with your selection.  The availability of a roommate cannot be guaranteed. *Prospective roommates who ask for help in finding a roommate match give consent for their contact information to be shared to others looking for a roommate match.  Roommates will no longer be able to be matched once the final payment has been made.

Terms and Conditions apply once registration is received. Should any part of the terms and conditions not be adhered to or if any part of contractual agreements are broken by a client, Deb Roberts or any travel supplier retain the right to refuse further services; any payments and deposits are at risk of being retained for "cost of services to date".

Due to invoicing program space requirements, invoices may be deleted from the program after the cruise or tour has been completed.  Please keep a copy for your records.

We are not responsible for typographical errors or omissions for any item on any website, invoice or other means of communication. 


All cancellation requests must be made in writing (no email) with an original signature (no copies) and sent by CERTIFIED MAIL to Deb Roberts' Tours, 78448 Via Pavion, La Quinta, CA 92253.  Certified mail is STRONGLY SUGGESTED as we will not be responsible for cancellation letters that do not arrive at our address, 78448 Via Pavion, La Quinta, CA 92253. 

When a trip, event or tour is paid in full at registration (those under $500 in cost) and cancel by date or cancellation deadline is given for the purposes of a refund, there are no exceptions to receiving a refund for any reason if you cancel after this date. Travel protection is highly recommended.

For tours/cruises over $500, unless otherwise stated, there is a $100 administration fee for any canceled tours/cruises by the traveler after a deposit has been received up until 45 days prior to the final payment deadline (see below).

Deposit refunds are provided when a written and signed cancellation request is received prior to 45 days to the final payment deadline unless the tour is sold out or has been announced as a GO. Once a tour is announced as a "GO" we are depending upon your participation.  As such, if you need to cancel after the "GO" announcement, there will need to be a replacement for you in order to process any deposit refund.  This does not apply after the final payment has been made or within 45 days of the final payment deadline.  Please note our policy about sold out tours below. 

Cancellations before 45 days prior to the final payment deadline on a Viking River Cruises trips will incur a $200 administration fee due to Viking Cruise Line rules.

Refund checks mailed to a PO BOX without prior address re-confirmation will not be guaranteed and our liability ends when the check is mailed.  

The cancellation date will be that date that the signed request is received in our office. It must be received before 45 days prior to the final payment deadline to receive any refund of your deposit.  Deposit refunds for cancellations made with less than 45 days prior to the final payment deadline will not be not possible. 

If at any time should a request be made to cancel and have a non-cashed check returned, that check will be destroyed.  Because of a mail incident, we no longer return client checks, but will shred them for your safety. 

In the event that we should ever have to cancel a cruise our tour, full refunds of deposits will be made in USD only and sent via US mail no matter the country one lives in.

Deposits are as stated in the amount set per tour registration and are required to secure reservations and hold your place on land tours, additional deposits may be necessary if tour includes group air. 

Where entrance fees and/or tickets (including for flights) or any other services are included within a tour package, there are no refunds for any unused portion. This would also include any show tickets included with your tour and for which you may have also purchased a second set for any reason.

SOLD OUT TOURS: Should an individual space be deposited and held, and a cruise, (including an individual cruise category within the group) or tour fills to capacity and potential travelers have been turned away, the allowed portion of a deposit refund will not be made unless a replacement for that space is found.  We will make every effort to find a replacement should this occur. 

WAITLIST: Should a tour be sold out and a waitlist accepted, if a spot opens people will be added to the tour in the order their registration was received.  If two cancel, then we will replace with the next group of two on the list, if a single cancels, we will attempt to replace with the next single on the list. However, once your name is removed from the wait list to the tour, then you are responsible as if you had always been on that list.   If you can no longer go, they we need to find you a replacement and so forth.  We make every attempt to try to find replacements. If you no longer wish to be on the waitlist, you must notify us in writing before your name is removed from the waitlist and added to the tour list.

Those needing roommates:  If a tour has sold out and people been turned away and we have assisted someone by introducing them to a possible roommate they have accepted, deposit refunds are not possible if they decide that the roommate issue will no longer work out. We are happy to place them in a private room and apply the single supplement to their invoice.

Cancellations after the final payment deadline when full payment has been made:  Shortly after you make final payment to us, we pay for your trip and cannot get your money back.  As such, no refund is possible. Insurance is highly recommended, and any reimbursements/payments on a  claim are at the sole discretion of the insurance carrier. 

Cancellations with name changes resulting from someone canceling their tour:   If one roommate should cancel a tour after the final payment deadline,  any new person signing up to take her place will pay the full tour amount to our office, irregardless of whether the person who cancels has trip cancellation insurance. 

Refunds are not allowed for unused portions of any scheduled services or optional services that have been purchased once the final payment deadline arrives.  In other words,  you are responsible for any payments that are the result of what you have selected once the final payment deadline has occurred whether you use them or not.  You will be accessed a penalty for any unpaid balance for all selected activities once the final payment deadline has passed. As we have held space for you, you will not receive a refund for any portion of your tour after the final payment deadline and you remain responsible for the payment.  Refunds are not allowed for unused tickets,  classes, hotel bookings, meals, insurance, transfers or entry fees if they are not used on any cruise or tour. 

Refunds may take up to 5 weeks to process.

River Cruise Cancellations:  $200 of a river cruise deposit is not refundable.   

For Cruises: Penalties apply on all cruise bookings once the final payment deadline established by Deb Roberts' Tours occurs.  Cruise penalties begin to occur on this final payment deadline because of the differences in cruise fares and the cost of the quilt related portion of your tour.   Please refer to the notice with your final payment invoice regarding any possibility of refunds.  For those who are insured, insurance reimbursement will come through the insurance company based on their decision of whether your reason for cancellation is covered.  You will not be reimbursed for any portion of the quilting events/activities associated with a cruise once the final payment deadline has passed.

For Cruises: Should there be a request for any changes or cancellations of optional items such as onboard gifts, shore tours or transfers by the traveler after the final payment deadlines have passed, refunds for that service are not possible.   This would include cruise transfers, pre-cruise tours or hotel nights, etc.   Once the final payment has been made, ANY ADDITIONS or CHANGES will result in a $35 per person fee per change. Accommodation changes are subject to availability.  This does not include any change fee imposed by the cruise line.

Refunds will only be made by check written in US Dollars.  On the sending or receiving end, Deb Roberts' Tours will not be liable for checks lost in the mail, please be accurate with your address details.   The requests of a wire transfer to a US bank is possible only with a $45 fee.  International bank wire transfers are not possible under any circumstance - our bank does not allow them.

Cancellation refunds for those who have purchased cancellation coverage only cover the cost of your trip, they do not include the cost of your insurance.


Services are contracted through established tour companies and hotels, as well as other travel service providers in the United States and abroad, once the final payment has been made no refunds can be granted for any accommodations, services or events which are not used after this point. If you change your mind or deviate from any portion of the planned tour, no consideration can be given to a refund for unused services. Our tours are subject to a minimum number of people. Should fewer than the minimum people participate we reserve the right to cancel the tour or price adjustment may be necessary, the choice is at our discretion. Some restrictions apply. Deb Roberts Tours is a registered seller of travel in the State of California.   Please read below about possible additional charges for changes and deviations made to a tour or cruise.

Changes or deviations to a cruise or tour itinerary cannot be guaranteed. Change and deviation requests must be made in writing.

For Cruises: A service charge of $250 per each change per person to a booking will be applied for any itinerary changes or deviations made in a cruise booking with less than 120 days to departure, (when they are possible). Plus any additional charges applied by the cruise company. 

For River Cruises:  A service charge of $150 per each change per person once the cruise has been invoiced, a $250 service charge once the final payment invoice has been paid.  There are no charges to make additions to a river cruise itinerary when utilizing the cruise company's services.

For Tours: Any changes to your program not received in writing by certified mail at least 120 days prior to departure may incur a $250 change fee per person for each revision plus applicable charges by tour company, airline, train, etc.  If within 120 days, all changes or deviations are subject to these charges and any others incurred as a result of the change.  If after final payment has been made, deviations and changes (if possible) will incur a $250 service charge per person, in addition to change fees charged by the provider.  Flights purchased for you as a result of your participation in a group tour cannot be refunded at any time.

NAME CHANGES:  Names cannot be altered or changed within 45 days of travel.   Name changes before this time may incur a $350 change fee.  Name changes on cruise cabins will be charged per the cruise line schedule which begins at 90 days prior to departure or before in addition to the change fee.  Cruise lines have very strict rules about changing names, please be certain names are correct when booking.

TRANSFERS:  When transferring from one tour to another, please be certain to check the price of the new tour as that is the price you will be responsible for.  When you agree to transfer, it is assumed you are agreeing to the price of the new tour, whether more or less.

LAND/SEA ARRANGEMENTS: Deb Roberts and/or any supplier reserve the right to change the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

PASSPORTS and VISAS: Passport and visa fees are not included on any tour or cruise program. For international travel (including Canada and Mexico) please be certain that your passports are still valid for 6 months after your return. For those who are traveling with me that are not US citizens, please check the visa requirements for the country/countries we are visiting with regard to your country of passport. While I will inform you about any visa requirements to the best of my knowledge, ultimately it is your responsibility to know and to have secured all necessary visa stamps before departure, or be fully prepared to receive an entry visa upon arrival if this is the case.  Passport 'cards' are often not acceptable for International travel, even to Mexico or Canada.  It is the holder's responsibility to determine whether their passport card is acceptable for the travel they are booking.

VACCINATIONS/IMMUNIZATIONS: It is incumbent upon the traveler to understand each international region's vaccination requirements and suggestions. These can be found at the CDC website for travelers: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/contentVaccinations.aspx. It is the traveler's responsibility to know their own health history and what may or may not be allowed as far as vaccinations or prophylactic medications apply. Deb Roberts' Tours will not be liable for any vaccination issues, nor illnesses developed because of, or lack of vaccines or preventative medication related to any trip, cruise or tour. It is the traveler's responsibility to check with their physician or travel medicine provider regarding vaccinations needed for every country.  We do not give advice on such things. With certain medical conditions, immunizations are contraindicated - be sure to check with your physician.  

MEDICAL ISSUES: Many of our tours include a lot of activities, including walking and walking on uneven surfaces that be strenuous for some people.  It is each traveler's responsibility to check with their medical provider regarding any health issue that may arise by participating on the trip, and NOT participate should this be in question.  If you are in a situation requiring any assistance at any time, you must bring and be responsible for all necessary items related to your condition including an assistant should you require help during the trip.    Deborah Roberts or Deb Roberts Tours' shall not be liable for any circumstances relating to your condition, before, during or after the tour. Refund deadlines apply, even in all medical situations - insurance strongly recommended. If you require a wheelchair, you must provide your own small, collapsible wheelchair and on cruises you must comply with the cruise line's individual wheelchair policy. Some features on our trips may not be wheelchair-accessible. We cannot provide any wheelchair or walking assistance or guarantee accessibility at any destination, if assistance is required, please bring someone along to assist you.  For those requiring assistance of a cane or a walker,  many of our destinations require a lot of strenuous walking and are hampered by cobblestones or poor pavement. Please consider your ability to participate carefully.  As we are not insured to provide assistance, please bring an assistant along to aid you should you require help.  Many hotels and coaches in foreign countries are only accessible by stairs.  It is your ultimate responsibility to know your limitations and not undertake the tour, cruise or any activity that might be restrictive to you.  You are responsible for your own assistant during the tour, if you require someone to assist you in any way, you need to secure someone to travel with you before departing on the trip. Deborah Roberts or Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible for walking or wheelchair assistance, or, the costs of any medical treatment you may require during the trip. Under no circumstances is Deborah Roberts responsible or liable for the quality of medical care, or lack thereof, you may receive while on the trip. In some areas medical care may not be possible without additional travel expenses being incurred by the traveler or their family.   These expenses are the responsibility of the traveler and individual payment arrangements with the medical provider must be made by the traveler at the time care is rendered. Deborah Roberts is not responsible or liable for the lack of medical care in any area or any additional fees that may be associated with finding and securing medical care.   Insurance that includes medical coverage while traveling is highly recommended.

AGAIN: Many of our tours include walking, walking up hills, on stairways, cobblestone streets and other uneven areas. At times the walking pace may be fast and somewhat strenuous. If any medical condition exists or there is ANY question regarding your ability to participate in a safe and healthy manner in our schedule of activities, please consult your physician before registering for the trip   Failure to comply may result in refusal to accommodate you on the trip and all penalties will apply.  Deb Roberts will not be responsible for any expenses incurred in this situation.


One of the reasons for travel is to see and experience different cultures.  As such, things (such as toilets) in some of the countries we visit are not the same as you would find at home.  If these things concern you, please be aware of what type of facilities they have in the area you are traveling to before committing to the trip.

VIDEOS, PHOTOGRAPHS and IMAGES: Images taken of private individuals, institutional images (as any objects in museums, galleries, or private industries) that were included as part of a tour or cruise on ALL trip itineraries are to be used for personal use and study only. Permission to sell or to publish such images (including online) or in any way otherwise use any cruise/tour for personal profit is expressly forbidden.

Trips, itineraries and provided information are the property of the visited facility and/ or the intellectual property of Deb Roberts Tours and are protected by copyright law.  No passenger or guest shall attempt to duplicate, sell or otherwise profit from anything learned from this tour at any time.   This includes any images that may be taken.  Images and information are allowed for personal use only.

Photographs, videos and images of the group are randomly taken throughout the trip. Registration implies permission to use your photograph in any and all marketing materials by Deb Roberts' Tours or sponsoring organizations. If you choose not to have your photo taken and used for publicity, you must send by certified mail, a signed letter stating this request before the trip departure date.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Deborah Roberts reserves the right to cancel any tour, teacher or itinerary for any reason as well as the right to decline the registration of any trip participant. Additionally, at any time, Deborah Roberts reserves the right to cancel the tour/cruise of any participant who in sole her opinion, may affect the health, safety, enjoyment or attitude of other participants or has a potential conflict of interest. 

Should it be discovered that an agent, friend or employee acting on behalf of another quilt or crafting related tour provider has registered for a cruise or tour offered by Deb Roberts' Tours or World of Quilts Travel, immediate cancellation will occur without refund. If this is discovered after the tour/cruise begins, participation with the group by that person will be discontinued.

Deb Roberts' Tours, Deborah Roberts, World of Quilts Travel, are not responsible for deposits or refunds in the event of bank failure or events that would cause national or international economic crisis or chaos.

TEACHERS: Cruise teachers, please note.  You are not registered under the same conditions as our student guests, therefore, unless specifically indicated in your contract, any special offers by the cruise line will not apply to you or your companion.  Any referral payments apply to full cruise price guests only, not to teachers or their guests who pay a reduced rate.

Teachers may choose to purchase travel protection, however, it is understood that you will reimburse Deb Roberts' Tours for the amount of the claim for cancellation as we have paid for your trip.  Please note - you must request coverage, it is not automatic.

PERSONAL ITEMS:  Deb Roberts' Tours/Deborah Roberts cannot be held responsible and will not be liable for any damage, loss or theft of any client's personal belongings, accessories or luggage.  

IN ADDITION: Deborah Roberts is an independent organizer for your cruise or tour. As such, Deborah Roberts and her representatives act only as organizers for the tour members, while the suppliers make arrangements for hotels, transportation, sightseeing, entrance fees, restaurants or any other services in connection with the itinerary. Deborah Roberts and suppliers will exercise reasonable care in making such arrangements, however, they do not assume any liability whatsoever, for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay to person or property because of any acts of war or terrorism, any act of default of any bank, hotel, carrier, coaching company, restaurant, company or person rendering any of the services included in the tours. The tickets, coupons, tariffs, rules or contracts currently in use by any carrier, hotel, restaurant or other contractor rendering services shall constitute the sole contract between such contractor and you, the individual tour member. Deborah Roberts or suppliers, accept no responsibility for any damage or delay due to sickness, pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, quarantine, government restraints, weather, or any other cause beyond their personal control. No carrier shall be responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board its own conveyance.

The right is reserved to cancel or change itineraries, hotels, or substitute teachers, projects, or services without notice and to decline to accept or retain any passenger at any time and do not accept responsibility for same. In view of statutory or contractual limitations that may apply to personal injury or property damage losses, the purchase of accident and baggage insurance is strongly recommended.

SAFETY:  Safety while traveling is always a concern.  Even in the United States, sometimes even close to our own homes there are areas where traveling alone is not recommended.  The same goes for international destinations.  Safety cannot be guaranteed in any country on any tour, even though our agents, escorts, guides and tour operators take every safeguard.  The decision to travel is the sole responsibility of the traveler. The traveler is also responsible for his or her own personal safety. Please familiarize yourself with the US government travel warnings (if any) for the area you wish to visit.  These can be found at http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html.  

CONTACT INFORMATION:  It is the responsibility of the traveler to keep Deb Roberts' Tours updated to changes in any contact information, including email and regular mail addresses.  Failure to do so may result in loss of space and/or deposit should you not receive your final payment invoice.  

PRIVACY:  At times, and only with your specific permission, your email address and/or cruise booking number will be shared on a list provided to members of your group (only) after a group tour commences.  We do not share it before asking or before a tour and will never share it with a 3rd party. 

Registration paperwork - mailed registration paperwork must include the signature of the traveler.  Paperwork without the travelers signature will not be accepted.  Please, do not sign the forms for anyone else.

Terms and conditions apply once registration has been received.

Please note all refund deadlines -  insurance is strongly recommended. 

In the event of banking crisis or national/international monetary crisis refunds will not be possible.

Trips, itineraries, inclusions and provided information are the intellectual property of Deb Roberts Tours and are protected by copyright law.  No passenger or guest shall attempt to duplicate, sell or escort or otherwise profit from a similar tour at any time after completing travel with Deb Roberts' Tours or World of Quilts Travel. 

We avoid agency fees, however, at certain times, we reserve the right to charge additional surcharges, handling or booking fees.  Please inquire.

One should periodically review these Terms and Conditions until your tour commences as Deb Roberts' Tours may revise them from time to time as may be appropriate.  Registering for a cruise or tour constitutes your agreement to each term and condition until your tour begins, no matter when posted.

By registering for the tour, you give us permission to add your email address to any of our own newsletter or campaign lists and with permission, share it with others on your cruise or tour participant list.  We will not share your email with third  parties.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be times when tours, teachers, itinerary, inclusions, projects, special offers and schedules may need to change or be canceled without notice.  In order to participate in related activities, all cruises and tours offered through World of Quilts Travel must be booked through Deb Roberts Tours.  We cannot make exceptions, thank you for your understanding.  Deb Roberts' Tours is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions.

Contact Information: Telephone -  USA (001) 646 84 QUILT or 646 847-8458 (please listen to voice recording for instructions)

     E-mail: worldofquiltstravel@gmail.com

COPYRIGHT 2004-2018 DEBORAH ROBERTS -  Itineraries, images or text may not be used without written permission

Trips, itineraries and provided information are the intellectual property of Deb Roberts Tours and protected under copyright law.

World of Quilts is a subsidiary of Deb Roberts' Tours which is a California registered seller of travel (#2090694-40) and is a participant in the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation.

All rights reserved.