Our upcoming Mediterranean cruise will be second to none in terms of the amazing itinerary, inspiration, teachers and projects.  These world class and award winning educators have developed incredible workshops especially for your learning pleasure.  Class choices will begin in April, 2019.

If you have any questions about a class or project, please email the teacher, their email addresses are provided under their bio.

See you in Rome!!

          Deb Roberts



Liza made her first "quilt" in 1972 when she sewed 25 bandanas together, layered the top with a fat batt and a corduroy backing and tied it all together with wool knitting yarn. It was for her college boyfriend's waterbed.  She made her second quilt in 1990, this time in a more conventional manner, piecing a sampler block quilt. Quilting became a passion and in 1993 she proposed doing a book with her dear  friend, Kaffe Fassett.


Kaffe and Liza work closely together writing patchwork books and developing the Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric line for Free Spirit. 


Their first hardcover book was Glorious Patchwork and they just published their 6th hardcover book, Bold Blooms.  They specialize in re-interpreting traditional quilt patterns using contemporary fabrics and unexpected color combinations. 


From the time she began making quilts, her favorite projects have been those that are hand sewn.  English Paper Piecing is her passion.  She designed the popular Glorious Hexagon sampler based on the book, The New Hexagon.  Last count over 5000 people worldwide are following her lead and making their own glorious version!


Liza lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania with her husband, Drew.




English Paper Piecing from soup to nuts!  Learn how to fussy cut fabrics to make kaleidoscopic effects. Learn several ways to fussy cut, baste and hand sew various shapes to make pieced hexagons.  The primer for this class is Katja Marek's book, The New Hexagon.

Each student can choose to make a sampler of hexagons any size she wishes.  A surprise pattern and kit designed just for this cruise is a bonus.

GLORIOUS HEXAGONS class supply list

You have the choice of doing the Glorious Hexagon Sampler Quilt in any size you wish or doing the surprise class project OR doing your own preferred English Paper Piecing quilt.

For any of those choices these are the required supplies to bring:

1. rotary cutter size small 28mm or size medium 45mm with a good blade

2. an extra NEW blade

3. rotary cutting mat at least  12" x 12'

4. very fine straw or milliner needles size 10 or 11 or Clover Black Gold sharps size or 10 or any preferred

     very fine needles

5. an assortment of very fine threads. Recommend Aurifil 80 wt. or YLI silk 100 wt.

6. a spool or ordinary thread (for basting) any color

7. fabric glue stick.  Recommend Bohin or Sewline or Fons and Porter

8. 1-2 glue stick refills

9. small sharp fabric scissors

10. mechanical pencil


For the Glorious Hexagon Sampler these are additional supplies, all available


1. Book: The New Hexagon by Katja Marek ($26.99)

2. Glorious Hexagon booklet ($8.00)

3. The New Hexagon Complete Paper Piece Pack ($38.00)

4. Optional but highly recommended: The New Hexagon Acrylic Set with 3/8" seam

 allowance  ($99.00).  ***Please mark your set with dabs of nail polish so you can

 identify yours. sells various assortments for the Glorious Hexagon quilt.


The coordinated 11 yard assortment contains enough fabric to fussy cut easily. Of


course you can bring any fabrics from your own stash.  When choosing fabrics, look


at the pattern and find 6 identical motifs. That will determine how much yardage


you want of each.  What this means for example, is if the fabric has different


flowers and one flower is a specific daisy, find 6 of those daisies and bring the


length that will include all 6.  You will find that fat quarters are not useful but


regular long quarters might be. On small and medium scale fabrics, 1/2 yard pieces


are usually sufficient. It is the use of large scale patterns that makes these hexagon


especially exciting. For large scale you may need as much as 3 yards.


For the surprise project all papers, templates and fabrics will be included in the

kit,just bring your tools and fabric supplies.

Kit fee to follow.


I am happy to offer guidance.  Just contact me by email.





Southern Africa had a considerable influence on Sue’s creativity. She was born in Zambia and then educated in South Africa. She is still influenced by the energy and color of traditional African designs. Later Sue moved to England; this shift between two very different environments also inspires many of her designs. All these early experiences combined to stir her love of “primitive” arts and crafts and grew into a focus on contemporary folk-art.


The United States had always beckoned and in 1989 that dream was fulfilled. Sue moved to Connecticut and subsequently to Tennessee, Utah and Ohio. Each new state presented sharp contrasts and stirred more new ideas. With each move she was influenced by many wonderful, quilt enthusiasts. 


Sue now works in three related areas:



Africa has a considerable impact on Sue’s designs.  Apart from these influences Sue

regularly teaches nationally and internationally. It is here where she challenges herself to develop new techniques by playing with fibers and threads.  In 2014  thirty pieces of Sue’s work were exhibited in the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum in La Conner, Washington, and in 2017 she had a exhibition of her quilts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.




Sue’s greatest satisfaction comes from running workshops and retreats. She has led workshops across the USA and in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Italy, New Zealand and France. She teaches a specific design or week-long retreat focused on embellishment.  Sue delivers illustrated presentations about her creative process.




All Sue’s current designs are available as books or patterns. Her first technique book, Creative Stitching, was published in 2012 followed by Creative Texturing in 2014.


Sue’s other absorbing passions include being with the four strong and fulfilling personalities that are her children, tending her garden and traveling to new and exciting destinations.


You may reach Sue at




FLOWER VASE Small Study Workshop

Finished size is approximately 7” x 9”


This small block features a soft neutral, hand-dyed wool background with a vase filled with flowers. We will begin by preparing and layering a textured background. Then embellishing the small vase incorporating hand-dyed fabrics, threads and beads. We will then fill each vase with textural stems and leaves. Then using my newest techniques we will create dimensional flowers using many different techniques.


A kit which will include an assortment of wool, fabrics and ribbons to complete the appliquéd block can be purchased for $30. For ordering you can email for the website code. In addition you will need to bring the notions, embellishments and Creative Stitching book which can be ordered from my website.



              Freezer paper, pencil and paper scissors

              # 10 and 11 Straw needles for beading and cotton appliqué

              # 24 Chenille needle for wool appliqué and embroidery

              # 18 Chenille needle for couching

              # 3 and #1 Milliners needle for wrapped stitches

              60wt cotton thread and 50/50 wool thread for appliqué

              Thread Magic

              Clover applique pins

              Embroidery and Fabric scissors

              Circle template

              1” x 6” ruler

              Chalk Pencil

              1/4” hexagon papers

              Bohin pencil glue stick

              Small Yo-Yo maker


              7” x 9” (cream or gray tone)  hand dyed wool for background

              Neutral color matching ribbons

              Small pieces of neutral fabrics - cotton prints, silk, linens, yarn dyed fabrics for                           layering the background


              Different colors of wool and cotton scraps for vase, leaves and flowers

              Assorted small pieces of textural fabrics including hand dyed rayon velvet,                  silks and linens

              Presto Sheer for stabilizing rayon velvet

              Assorted green skinny ribbons for stems


              Bring an assortment of neutral and colorful embellishment threads for                                   background and appliqué embellishment such as -

              Eleganza Perle Cottons, Chenille Yarns, Seagrass, Silken Pearl, Dazzle,                                           Razzle, #24 Silk Thread and #11 Seed Beads for beading


              My embroidery book 'Creative Stitching 2nd Edition’



ROADRUNNER NEEDLE ROLL - A Stitch Study Workshop


You will be creating an embroidery sampler to be finished into a needle roll. The focus of the class will be on the use of Eleganza Perle Cotton in sizes 8, 5, and 3. The goal of this class is to learn an expanded understanding of many stitches using them in different formations and combinations. Each cover will be unique, using either Kumquat or Turquoise wool as the front cover. Students have the option to learn English paper piecing to decorate the inside with a floral flower.

A kit which will include wool, fabric, ribbon and elastic cord to complete the roll can be purchased for $25. For ordering you can email for the website code. In addition you will need to bring the additional supplies which can be ordered from my website


Additional Supplies to bring with you

    •        Eleganza Perle Cotton in size 8, 5 and 3

    •        Scissors

    •        1” x 6” ruler

    •        Small circle template

    •        Marking pencil

    •        Needles:            

              #24 Chenille

              #18 Chenille

              #3 Milliners

              #1 Milliners

              #15 Milliners

    •        Sue’s Embroidery Book - Creative Stitching 2nd Edition






This class focuses on Sue’s technique for wool appliqué using Ellana wool thread and an introduction to creative embroidery stitches using Eleganza Perle Cotton. The students will spend the day embellishing their dream cottage filled with window boxes. A kit including the pattern and wool is available on my website for $22.00 please bring the additional supplies below. Prior to class please appliqué all windows and door in place using a whipstitch with a #24 Chenille needle and Ellana wool thread


Additional Supplies to bring with you

          #24 Chenille needle

          #18 Chenille needle

          #1 Milliner needle

          #3 Milliners needles

          Ellana wool thread #EN27 #EN42 for appliquéing windows and door

          Eleganza Perle Cotton - sizes 8 and 5 (a thread pack is available on my website)

          Size 8 green seed beads

          Embroidery scissors

        Sue’s Embroidery Book - Creative Stitching 2nd Edition







Gillian Travis is an award winning textile artist based in a small village in the North of England. She has a studio near my home that has been developed to accommodate creative textiles courses. She loves teaching and passing on skills, ideas and enthusiasm to students of all ages.

Gillian travels extensively for pleasure and teaching, and make regular trips to India, Most of the textiles she makes are inspired by my travels. She take lots of photographs and later use them to design and develop into quilts.

Her work is colourful and contemporary, She specializes in paint, print, felt and machine stitch, and always use natural fabrics.

Gillian has taught Textile courses since 1995, first non vocational classes, and later GCSE and Open College textiles. In 2006, she became an independent Creative Textiles Tutor. For several years she continued to teach City and Guilds 7922 Embroidery, from her studio through Link2Create.  She now uses her many years of textiles teaching experience and devises her own programs of study responding to students needs and interests.

Gillians' Creative Textiles courses offer contemporary approaches to embroidery, patchwork and quilting with an emphasis on design. They include techniques such as felting, paper making, silk painting, fabric dying printing and painting.

Questions regarding a class?  Please email Gillian at




I’ve been teaching my unique method of Interchange Appliqué for a number of years and I still love teaching it. The class gives students so much freedom to develop their own ideas and make patterns that the resulting student’s work all look so different.

The more I teach this class, the more skills and additional techniques I have to share and have developed new techniques to add to the class, so if you have been to my class before there are new skills and approaches to learn on this class

Students do not need to make a table runner. The blocks could be arranged in a different pattern so that a wall hanging or cushion cover could be made.

I will show how the sashing is made (or you could use ready made sashing) and how to bind the table runner or wall hanging

On a one-day class students will not get to the machining stage so this will need to be completed at home. Full explanation of how to finish it will be given

The table runner shown in the photograph is made from Provence fabrics but any 100% patchwork fabric could be used. I hope we will be able to buy some suitable fabrics in France.


  • Small scissors

  • Visofix or Bondaweb (Heat n Bond Lite can be used but it can make the fabric a bit stiff

  • Charm Pack of 5” squares (The fabric must not be too patterned and must be made up of contrasting colours)

  • Half a yard of fabric for the sashing and binding

  • Rotary cutter

  • Small square cutting ruler

  • Mat – this does not need to be a big one

  • Pencil

  • Tracing paper and Ipad or tablet (if you want to make your own designs)

There is a small charge of £3 for a kit so that everyone can understand the technique

A pattern for the images shown on French Fabric table runner will be provided





I love to wander round a market especially a Mediterranean Port market where there are loads of stalls selling freshly caught fish. I often take masses of photos.

Back home in my studio I made this quilt or wall hanging using some of my favorite fabrics, including some I bought whilst on holiday. I use an easy method of fused appliqué and have a pattern so that everyone who comes on this course can make a sardine quilt that is similar to mine.

It will take the day to cut out all the shapes and fuse them to the background; the stitching will need to be completed at home.

A kit and pattern will be provided with a selection of assorted patterned fabrics, however students will need to bring a few things.

The sparkle and shading is made using paint and all the equipment needed for doing this will be provided.


  • Background fabric 18"x24". This should be pale grey and 100% cotton

  • Visofix, Bondaweb or Heat n Bond (1 yard)

  • Small scissors

  • Pencil

  • 15-18 small pieces of approx. 4" x 10" patterned 100% cotton fabric for fish.

KIT: I can provide a kit that has 16 different pieces of assorted patterned cotton fabric. It includes the pattern but not the transfer adhesive or the background fabric and will cost £16. This must be ordered before the cruise.

The pattern will cost £4




Many of the quilts I make are painted with added appliqué and machine stitching. I take many photographs and use these to images to make my quilts. I print the images in black and white, trace them and transfer the design to fabric. I use paint and a brush to paint my design on to the fabric.

I teach and exhibit my work in the UK and internationally and I hear the words “I can’t draw” all the time. Can you trace?  Can you study a photograph to see where there is light and dark?   

I have many tips to share with you and if you “trust me” I can try to make you an artist. We will learn how to apply the paint, mix the correct colour, and observe the photograph carefully to know where to make the image darker or lighter

I have several designs already produced that you may like to use of, however it would be good to use your own photographs taken whilst on the cruise.

Kit Cost £10

You will receive in your kit:

  • A paintbrush

  • A Frixion pen

  • Background fabric

  • Needle

  • Paint will be provided but you will also crayon your design

  • A photocopy of my photograph of Italian Houses

  • A line drawing of the Italian Houses

  • A piece of tracing paper

You will need to bring with you a thin black felt tip and a pencil. Kit this includes the Frixion pen and the paint brush. 

You will have access to inktense crayons and blocks and all paints needed.

If you have an ipad / tablet please bring it with you although this is not essential.

You will not need any protective clothing - this is not a messy class. 

We will finish the class by adding some hand stitching, although this is not essential. 

A paper cup or other object for water will be useful. 

If you have been to the area before or have a particular image you would like to use, you could email it to me before the cruise.  My email is above with my bio.

Janice Gunner is a multi-award winning quilter and textile artist. She has been making quilts since 1974 and is a qualified Patchwork & Quilting teacher of over 30 years teaching City & Guilds Certificate and Diploma courses since 1994. 
Her most recent award, given in February 2018 is the prestigious City & Guilds Medal for Excellence as a lecturer for teaching at Missenden Abbey (Bucks Adult Learning). 
Janice has exhibited her work worldwide for many years and has work in both Museum and private collections. She is a former President and now Honorary member of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles, Patron of Marsh Quilters and the author of two books, Shibori for Textile Artists and Liberating Log Cabin. 
Janice continues to teach City & Guilds courses through her micro centre at Link2Create Ltd, is a tutor at the renowned West Dean College near Chichester, for Cowslip Workshops and Art Van Go and freelance teaches and lectures to quilt and embroidery groups throughout Europe and beyond. Her hobbies include travelling, photography and more recently watercolour painting.








Inspired by Japanese Boro (rag) cloths, you will create a small piece of work using simple piecing and repair techniques finished off with simple Sashiko stitching.

Kit supplied which will include vintage Japanese fabrics, thread, needle, batting and backing fabric $65


  •  neutral coloured thread for piecing
  • rotary cutters,
  • 12x18 cutting mat and ruler
  • fabric scissors




My own take on an all time favourite block. You will work from my book Liberating Log Cabin using vintage Japanese kimono silk and cotton fabrics to make Log Cabin blocks with extra attitude! (I will pre-piece one of the elements of this technique). Kit supplied will include a signed copy of Liberating Log Cabin and enough vintage Japanese fabrics to make several blocks.

Cost of kit $65 - batting and backing fabric $15 extra


  • neutral coloured thread for piecing
  • rotary cutters,
  • 12x18 cutting mat and 12" and 6" rulers
  • fabric scissors





Japanese decorative hand quilting using motifs and grid based designs. You can use one of my designs such as the piece shown here or make up your own inspired by motifs seen on your cruise travels!

Kit supplied which include Authentic new Japanese Sashiko fabric, Sashiko thread, needle, marking pen, pattern and transfer paper. $45 (batting and backing fabric optional extra $15 - not usually used in Sashiko although I have used it in this sampler!).


  •  neutral coloured thread for piecing
  • rotary cutters,
  • 12x18 cutting mat and ruler
  • fabric scissors


Class registration will begin in April, 2019.  A selection list will be e-mailed to participants, please be certain you keep us updated if your email address changes.


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