Considering the 'land only' option - Save $$$ on Airfare

If I can find a wonderful airfare option for a group, I will provide it to my travelers without hesitation.  However, some of my trips do not include airfare and there is a good reason for this; many who travel with me wish to have optional days at either end of the tour allowing them to explore a bit more than what we see on the tour.  As such when airfare is not include or if you would like to consider staying a few days longer, or arriving earlier, the following tips might be helpful when trying to negotiate the best airfare deals.

  1.  Try to have flexible travel dates for either the departure or return date or both.  Having some flexibility on the day can save as much as $200 over the cost of a ticket.  For the best flexible rate searchers try searching Orbitz or Travelocity

  2. If you have lots of flexibility, then you might want to consider signing up with one of the airfare watch sites - they will notify you when the price drops or comes within your range.  Try: Airfare Watchdog or Farewatcher (by Travelocity).

  3. Book your flight as far in advance as possible ~ sometimes it's true, the early bird catches the best

  4. If you are booking last minute, check one of the last minute specials sites like:, or  You might also check the airline's own website for "hot deals" or "specials".

  5. Check the round-trip price, even if you are only flying one way, sometimes it is less.

  6. Fly mid - week, Wednesday usually having the least expensive fares.  Tuesday and Thursday are also sometimes less than other days.

  7. Try using smaller, neighboring airports.  For example today I searched for a flight for my daughter.  Departing from Long Beach instead of LAX (a 15 mile difference) would save $179 one-way.

  8. My personal choices for the best fares: Ultimate Fares and Be sure to check more than one online airfare source, while looking for round trip airfare for Milan, there was a $125 difference on the same flight between two of more well known airfare websites.


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